SureSmile® Clear Aligners in College Station

SureSmiles Clear Aligners in College Station

Why SureSmile?
SureSmile® Clear Aligners are designed to ensure they fit comfortably, promote better oral hygiene and deliver the exact tooth movements needed to achieve your ideal smile.

How clear aligners work
Clear aligners combine the physical force of plastic with advanced digital planning for precise tooth movement. SureSmile Clear Aligners is created by your doctor and our Digital Lab Specialist, to help provide and individualized treatment plan that is comfortable and satisfies your needs-your ideal smile is closer than you think.

SureSmile® Clear Aligners combine the quality care from your dentist with the skills and expertise of our Digital Lab to provide straight teeth. Our Digital Lab specialist partners with our doctor to deliver a treatment plan that will match each patient’s natural anatomy. Each aligner is custom-made to provide precise teeth movement and a quality smile. Over 90% of patients trust their dentist to provide clear aligner treatment to improve their teeth.

Discuss Your Options Today!

If you have any questions regarding SureSmile® Clear Aligners or if you want to schedule an evaluation or appointment, then please call our office at 979-330-1070.